The 8th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology (ICBEB 2019)
October 22-25, 2019, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Keynote Speakers
Prof. Alan Murray
Medical Faculty and School of Engineering, Newcastle University, UK

Alan Murray is Professor of Cardiovascular Physics and Strategic Research Advisor in the Medical Faculty and Professor in the School of Engineering, both at Newcastle University in the UK. Before moving to Newcastle he studied and trained in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Alan is active in Translational Research bringing together Engineering and Medicine.
He has published over 300 research papers, including in Nature and Lancet, with co-author researchers in 19 countries worldwide. His primary areas of research are in the development of devices and measurement techniques of clinical value in cardiovascular medicine and surgery. More...
Speech Title: What is important in medical engineering?
Abstract: Medical engineers have good skills. They can write software, develop microprocessor solutions, build electronic and mechanical prototypes, and create final clinical devices. There is much that they do that is creative, and for which they are rightly proud. More...

Prof. Hermona Soreq
Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences, Hebrew University, Israel

Hermona Soreq is the Charlotte Slesinger Professor of Molecular Biology at the Hebrew University’s Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences and the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences. A leader in the field of cholinesterase activities and their functions in the brain and periphery, Soreq won honorary PhD degrees from Stockholm (1996), Erlangen-Nuremberg (2007) and Beer-Sheva (2007) as well as an Israeli Ministry of Health Prize (2000), Landau Prize for Biomedical Research (2005), Teva Prize for Molecular Medicine (2006), The Rappaport Prize for Biomedical research (2014), the Katzir Prize for Life Sciences, 2017), the Lise Meitner Alexander Humboldt Research Prize, 2009, an advanced ERC award and two proof-of-concept ERC awards, 2013-2018 and a Neuroinflammation award, 2016. A council member of the International Society of Neurochemistry (2017-2019), Soreq is the president of the International organization for cholinergic mechanisms (2010-). She is the author of over 275 publications, including 54 published in Science, Nature, PNAS and other high-impact journals, with H-index of 82.
Speech Title: Exploring non-coding RNA regulators of acetylcholine functioning
Abstract: The parasympathetic system coordinates multiple body functions by maintaining efficient and rapidly adgustable surveillance over acetylcholine (ACh) hydrolysis rates, but the molecular regulators of its brain-to-body messages are incompletely understood. Our studies are focused on the regulation of ACh functioning by non-coding RNAs, especially MicroRNAs (miRs), which have rapidly emerged as global controllers of gene expression. More...

Prof. Jeehyun Kim
School of Electronics and director of BioPhotronics Laboratory, Kyungpook National University, Republic of Korea

Jeehyun Kim is currently professor in the School of Electronics and director of BioPhotronics Laboratory at Kyungpook National University, Republic of Korea. He received Ph.D. study at University of Texas at Austin and served as Postdoctoral Researcher in Beckman Laser Institute at University of California. He has published over 110 research papers in SCI journals, and his research mainly focuses on Biomedical Imaging and Sensing- Optical Coherence Tomography, Nueroscience- Multiphoton Microscopy, Optostimulation, Photo- Acoustic Imaging, and Sensors- Brillouin OTDR, FBG interrogator.
Speech Title: Optical Coherence Tomography: A New Reliable Assistant To Dental And Sub-branch Practitioners
Abstract: The evidence of dentistry in ancient practice can be dated back to Indus valley civilization. Centuries of modernization and new implementation methods have substantially improved its treatment efficacy. When it comes to medical practice, early and accurate diagnosis of a medical condition becomes a key factor for an effective and rapid treatment protocol. When it comes to dentistry and other branches of oral health treatments, conventional and newly implemented diagnostic techniques like visual inspection, cephalometric radiographs, cone-beam computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging, has been widely relied on by medical practitioners to determine a treatment plan. These techniques though offer a high-level depth imaging capability, yet the imaging resolution is limited to few hundred micrometers to few millimeters. This, in turn, makes it difficult to accurately diagnose the disease progression. More...

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